Which color do you really like to use together? I think most people use black and white most often. The clothes are white, the pants are black or the shirt is white and the coat is black. This is a very common way of getting dressed. It is also the most classic. However, it’s a very monotonous thing if you wear it like that every day. Our lives sometimes need a few changes. For example, the color of clothes.

Among various clothes, I like jeans or denim jackets the most. I like the casual style. So in my closet, jeans and t-shirts have accounted for the most space. Therefore, I mix every day all kinds of clothes with jeans or denim. Then I found the biggest advantage of jeans, it’s very convenient. It works with almost all clothes.

Whether it’s a sweater or a t-shirt, you can wear the effect you want. It can be very sexy or sporty. It all depends on the type of clothing you choose. Just like the two images above. These two people wear jeans and denim jackets because the clothes inside are different, giving people two different feelings. People on the left are fashionable and sexy, and those on the right are more casual.

Jeans are as good as suits and coats. A simple pair of jeans can wear different feelings. This is probably one of the reasons he was loved by the public for many years. Because of its practical aspect, people often wear it. Wear it when you go shopping, wear it when you go to work and wear it when traveling.

This high frequency also illustrates a point. Jeans can be associated with many colors. Just like red and green in the four images above. But among the many colors, I like red with blue denim. Both colors have a high contrast and are very elegant. Both colors look very bright and generous. Who does not like this kind of clothing? Jeans are better than a hundred other pants. With the money saved, you can buy more things.

Because jeans have such benefits, accessories can also be used casually. Different styles of bags, berets of different colors, sunglasses of all shapes. You can easily pair it with jeans. It’s just all-powerful.

These versatile pants, you can wear it all year round. If you do not have jeans, go buy one. It’s really practical. In this way, you do not have to worry about the problem of assortment of clothes.

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