As the temperature continues to drop, people begin to pay attention to keep warm. At that time, people found the use of gloves. But do you know the source of the gloves?

According to historical documents, it was first seen in the epic Homer in the sixth century BCE. Gloves were a dish in history. Since the 13th century, women in Europe have become popular with gloves. The gloves of this period were generally longer and could reach the elbows. Later, male aristocrats are also popular with gloves. Gloves become an indispensable accessory for social occasions.

As the glove was accepted, different effects began to appear. For example, clergy wear white gloves to express authority, holiness, and piety. Before the nineteenth century, the role of white gloves was expanded. White gloves must be worn when the king issues a decree and when the judge decides the case. Now the military ceremonies of all countries are still wearing white gloves.

Gloves have a relatively large impact on the European nobility. The current Queen Elizabeth II is the best example. From early childhood to the present, she always insists on wearing gloves. For Western aristocrats, an exquisite pair of gloves, whether for an important occasion such as churches and dinners, or entertainment venues such as theaters, is an essential decoration. He can demonstrate identity, embody the label and enhance the appeal. If you have seen the film “Tiffany’s Breakfast“, you must be attracted by the shape of the long black gloves and the pearl necklace of Audrey Hepburn.

Because of the love of the gloves, it is divided into several categories. Different types of gloves have different uses. Of course, that has been simplified now. But gloves are always a very important accessory. First of all, she is very practical. You can not only stay warm, but also show your fashion.

Our most common gloves are the length of your wrist. This length is suitable for wearing coats and coats. And it is more convenient to wear or take off.

The gloves are always present at the same time as the hat. Hats and gloves are important accessories for the nobility. There are many types of hats. You must find matching hats and gloves. It’s not as complicated as it is now. A pair of simple leather gloves and a classic beret can be very fashionable. At the same time, he also has a retro style.

Now we have been much simpler. But if you like it, choosing from time to time a retro style dress is also very good.