Which style is popular this year? Yes, it’s a retro style. So, do you know what is the retro style? In a word, these are the most popular ones that have once again become popular. And the style of this kind of retro clothing, we call it retro style. There are some typical representatives in retro style clothes. For example, small British shoes, square suitcases, berets, eyeglass chains, bow ties, striped shirts, long socks, etc.

Today we are going to talk about these retro things. The red dress is associated with red shoes and a pair of white socks. The girl on the picture is full of retro style. The furniture of the photo is not a modern piece of furniture at first sight, which makes the picture more beautiful. The furniture and clothes of the girls are unified and harmonious. If you still do not understand the retro style, then you should understand now. Perhaps because things that are dead are irreparable, so people are particularly nostalgic. And the same for the retro style.

The beret is the typical representative of the retro style. And the French retro style. The beret symbolizes elegance, beauty and softness. All this is also the representative of French women. French woman is known as the most elegant person in the world. In addition to the personality, what makes them win this honor? I think because of their temperament. But where does the temperament come from? The temperament of a person is accumulated through years of experience. These experiences include the books you read, the landscapes you saw, the people you contacted. These are all intrinsic. External is your appearance. Anyone on the inside can not help you, only on your own. And it takes a lot of time. But the outside can immediately put you in confidence.

Appearance is important for a person. Hepburn once said that the outside thought that two people were together and internally determined how long they were together.

The simple and generous style. This is the style that the French love. Like this photo, the simple short-sleeved black and white plaid with red beret. Simple and beautiful. The choice of beret colors is very good. The red appears his white skin. And the color of his garment is very clear, the beret chooses a bright color like red, which makes it more alive. I like the vintage berets. BERET-HAT-uk, the beret of this store looks good and cheap. If you are interested, you can browse.

Besides berets, socks are also important. Almost the same as above. Also black and white striped clothes with red socks. The red sock acts as a red beret on the picture above. Just a little red, it gives all the power of the image. Make people more energetic. Need to be careful: No more than 3 colors from head to toe. Three colors are right, too much will seem too fancy, too little and too monotonous.