In the beginning of the 1940s and the 1950s, army adopted universal berets as a part of their uniform. It was dubbed a “staple” item for military offices in higher ranking. Many soldiers clipped pins and medals to berets, which was also another reason for this trend.┬áBy the time the 1960s, the beret reign climbed to its peak in Paris. French film suffered reform and big names often flaunt their superb collection of berets when they participated in cinema galas. Berets could be spotted here and there at the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival.

Since the trends gush in the 1960s, berets have remained fashionable and fundamental as ever. It has many roles in social culture like peasants hat, a military identifier, a symbol of political revolution, etc. It would be great for us to add one or more berets into your wardrobe sooner rather than later. Try to keep an eye on how often the versatile accessory present at your life. Or better yet, be careful to combine your outfit with a classic black beret to spice it up. One could benefit from my detailed tips on create daily looks like Parisians.

Prior to in-depth understanding of the complicated world of berets, you have to read some related myths at first. It’s easy to fall into some areas of misunderstanding if one doesn’t know the true history and nature of such headpieces. The most controversial notion is that a beret belongs to female fashion exclusively throughout Paris. In reality, the beret only became a part of soldiers’ uniform in France.

Some bigger names really favoured such woollen delights in their life. Even a man could also wear a beret. Today, berets are often worn by men as frequent as by women. Put another way, it is a kind of neutral accessories, and the point is often forgotten in more Western cultures.

The second misunderstanding of berets goes that berets are seasonal fashion accessories. Some people believe they could only wear berets when temperatures fall down. But the occurrence frequency will increase definitely in chilling seasons. There is no doubt that a warm beret is a perfect addition to your winter outfits. Nevertheless, berets are also suitable for summer to protect one’s skull from strong sunlight in scorching summer.

A musician wears a beret, which is also a symbol of artists.

Some other misconceptions leave others stay a respectful distance from berets. In reality, a beret is an all seasonal and universal headgear. Before long, you will figure out why there is so much appeal to these pieces.

Let’s go straight forward to top tips. The most important piece of advice from a Parisian is how to choose suitable styling for yourself. Many people who would like to wear a beret intend to wear other winter accessories into their outfits, such as a scarf or gloves even in sultry summer. So the most important tip is to avoid incorporating anti-seasonal accessories to your outfits.